Tránsito de Mercurio 2016 ...

Tránsito de Mercurio 2016 ...

Postby Rainer » 07 May 2016 09:21


Estoy haciendo pruebas para el t´ransito de Mercurio y se me ocurrió de cambiar la paleta de colores.

¿ Qué opinan de los colores de abajo ? Por cierto Mercurio en ese caso va a ser de color gris igual que el fondo ... Lei por ahí que Mercurio tiene una superficie similar a la la de la Luna en lo que respecta el color = Gris


F-000300.Jpg ... e-planets/

Mercury is difficult to get a good picture of for a number of reasons. The planet’s proximity to the Sun makes it nearly impossible to get clear pictures of from the Earth, so the only decent photographs have come from spacecrafts, such as NASA’s Mariner 10. The surface of Mercury is very similar to the surface of our Moon; it is a grey planet covered with craters. The color of the surface comes from the iron and other heavy compounds that comprise the rocky surface of the planet. Because Mercury has almost no atmosphere, photographs capture its rocky surface.

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